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Owner Jennifer Guglielmi is a Physical therapist who understands obstacles and is dedicated to helping staff and patients overcome them together.

Doctors And At Home Rehab, L.L.C. Are Working Together To:

Rotating SunMake Rehab Treatment Comprehensive, Addressing Physical and Non-Physical Needs
Rotating SunRelax Patient’s Worries About Surgery and Doctor’s Instructions With Easy Answers to All Questions
Rotating SunEngage Patients in Goal Setting and Pain Management



Some of our Services Include:

Rotating SunStrengthening Exercises
Rotating SunEndurance Exercises
Rotating SunBalance Training
Rotating SunMobility Training to Increase Home Safety
Rotating SunMonitor Vital Signs with Activity
Rotating SunWound Care
Rotating SunAssistance With Daily Living Activities
Rotating SunMedical Equipment
Rotating SunReferral To Community Resources
Rotating SunEducation On Self-Care / Prevention
Rotating SunMotivating Patients to reach their Potential
Rotating SunLanguage/Speech Rehabilitation
Rotating SunSocial Work Services



Office Hours:



(215) 230-4140


At Home Rehab, LLC
800 W State St,
Suite 103
Doylestown, PA 18901