Case Studies

Case Study #1

Patient: 104 year old female after being in the hospital with pneumonia

Functional Status upon arriving home from the hospital:
Rolling in bed: Maximal assist
Sit to stand: unable due to weakness and severe shortness of breath
Toileting: unable to transfer to the commode even with help due to weakness & shortness of breath
Walking: unable

Status after 6 months of Physical Therapy by AT HOME REHAB staff:
Rolling in bed: independent
Sit to stand: able to do on her own with a guarding assist for safety
Toileting: to commode on her own with a guarding assist for safety
Walking: 50 feet with a walker and minimal assistance

Case Study #2

Patient: 80 year old male with Lymphedema of the lower legs

Measurements upon admission to AT HOME REHAB:
Right side from calf to ankle:
35 cm
45 cm
46 cm

Left side:
36 cm
44 cm
47 cm

Measurements after 6 months of treatment by AT HOME REHAB Lymphedema Nurses
Right side from calf to ankle:
33 cm
39 cm
41.5 cm

Left side:
31.5 cm
41 cm
41.5 cm

Case Study #3

Patient: 70 year old female with spinal cord injury

Incident: patient fell down a full flight of steps sustaining a spinal cord injury from the neck down with paralysis in four limbs.  Patient fractured both bones in the forearm of her dominant arm.

Functional Status after injury: Sit to stand requires full assist of two persons.  Must use a lift to perform this transfer

Feeding: unable to feed self
Drinking: unable to hold a cup or lift it to her mouth
Telephone Use: Unable
Daily Activities: unable to perform any on her own such as dressing, bathing, grooming
Walking: unable

After 2 months of treatment by AT HOME REHAB team (Physical & Occupational Therapy):

Sit to Stand: able to stand with guarding assist of one person
Feeding: able to feed self if food is placed on the table and meat is cut up
Drinking: able to bring a cup to her mouth on her own and drink
Telephone Use: Independent
Daily Activities: continues to require assist of one person with dressing, bathing, grooming, house cleaning, setting up medications due to severity of nerve damage
Walking: 5 feet with a walker and maximal assistance

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