Our Team

All staff are required to have the following documents on record and verified by the agency:

  • Professional License
  • Patient confidentiality agreement
  • Resume
  • Social Security Card
  • References
  • CPR Certification
  • Physical clearance by a medical doctor
  • TB test
  • Current Auto Insurance
  • Current Driver’s License
Staff Education and Requirements
  • Nurses: BSN: 4 year college degree
  • RN: Associates Degree
  • LPN: License Program
  • PT :Master’s or Doctorate Degree
  • PTA: Associates Degree
  • OT: Master’s Degree
  • Speech Therapist: Master’s Degree
  • Social Worker: Master’s Degree
  • Criminal Background Checks
In order to retain elite staff, At Home Rehab, LLC holds regular meetings with our employees to keep them up-to-date on developing trends and current regulations.
Certifications AT HOME REHAB, LLC is Medicare Certified, Wound Care Certified, and Joint Commission Accredited.
We have certified Wound Care Specialists on Staff.

Jennifer Guglielmi, PT & Owner
Jennifer graduated from Beaver College (now Arcadia) in 1998. She founded AHR in 2003 and continues to work as a PT in the company treating patients. Jennifer has experience in all aspects of PT care, but chose home care because she enjoys the one-on-one patient interaction. Jennifer lives in the Buckingham area with a skunk and 2 pot-bellied pigs. She enjoys sewing, playing tennis and volunteering at the pig rescue to foster piglets.

David Galloway, BSN & Administrator
David graduated from Temple University and has worked as a nurse in the hospital setting, home health, nursing homes and outpatient dialysis. He has been the Administrator of AHR since 2003. David holds a wound care certification and enjoys playing tennis and football in his spare time.


Kristina Swider and Nicole Palladino



Marisa Thomas, PT 
Eileen Murphy, PT 
Natalia Beliavsky, PT 
Kevin Breen, PT 
Julie Schieken, PT 
Sarah Zdepski, PTA 
Beth Wolf, PT 
Jacqui Borman, PT 
Dawn Handel, PTA 
Cindy Robidoux, PTA 
Cindy Mitchell, PTA 
Cindy Walter, PTA 
Benjamin Rodriguez, PTA 

Nick Horton, PT 

Jerome Campbell, PT 
Israel Suarez, PTA


Jimmy Marshall, LPN 

Maureen O’Connell, RN 

Maria Cruz, RN 

Naomi Salas, RN

Anthony Ivanoski, RN


Shay Hoffman, OT 

Will Moretti, OT 

Christine Parackel, OT 

Megan Gallagher, OT 

Trish Kochan, COTA 

Justin Hower, COTA 

Rachael Yollin, OT 


Laura Riley, SLP 

Robin Kaleck, SLP 

Leslie Nastaskin, SLP 

Moira Pope, SLP 


Brianne Kirk, MSW/LSW 

Tom McCluskey, MSW 

Dana Pellegrino, MSW